Feeling lucky? 5 Tips on how to win big when playing blackjack

We all dream of placing a bet when playing blackjack and winning big; very big! We all dream of the car we buy with cash we know came so easy… But as dreams are not going to make you rich, you need to improvise and get a number of ideas on how to increase the chances you have at winning those wads of cash. Believe me, if you could increase your chances of winning, you would!

Needless to say, there are ways of outsmarting even the cleverest blackjack dealer should you wish to do so! If you want to win big when playing blackjack, you need to use these smart tips on how to get the odds on your side.

Know your cards

If you and your friends want to know what’s on at Royal Vegas, you can be sure that this tactic will let the odds come running right into your hands. It is always a good idea to hit a soft 17 or cards ace to 6, split aces and 8s, double down on 11 and stand on a hard 17. Keeping this in mind will get you the advantage you need to win.

Take a break

If you believe that you are on a winning streak, you will be tempted to continue playing the game. Blackjack dealers work on shifts and so should you. If you feel your concentration wavering, get up and stretch your legs. Foolish plays will make you lose and if you do not concentrate, you may lose even more than you came in with.

Hot and cold

When playing Blackjack, it has been said that a table or dealer can be either hot or cold. This simply means that the table or dealer is going to make you win or lose. This is a myth and should not be believed. The secret to winning lies in the cards, not in the table or dealer.

Counting cards

It does not benefit you to keep track of the aces and 10-cards that still remain in the stack of cards that still needs to be played. Rather concentrate on the cards in your own hand to make sure you stay ahead of the others.

The emotion game

Many Blackjack players tend to use emotion as a distraction. Taking notice of other player’s emotions will cause you to make bets that are too high and if the other player in calling a bluff, you can lose all the money you have used to bet.

If you want to win big at blackjack, you need to be prepared to think out of the box and look for interesting ways to lure the big guy we call Odds to you. If you have that big guy by your side, the chances you will walk out of the casino with a pocket filled with crisp notes will be significantly higher

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