What are the differences between live casinos and online casinos in 2020?

Most people know the difference between land-based and online casinos as they have become so popular nowadays. However, what many people do not know is the difference between live casinos and online casinos in 2020. This stems from that a live casino is a new form of entertainment in the iGaming industry. Now it is time to learn similarities and differences between these online casino gaming types.

Online Casino Games

When we think about online casino games, all of them involve players playing themselves. Although online slots look magnificent with solid stats, lack of interaction sometimes can make players bored. This is also the same for blackjack when the dealer is a computer code generating random cards. This type of games does not require a consistent Internet connection and easy to access. However, as we mentioned above, they lack the thrilling atmosphere of land-based casinos.

Rise of Live Casinos

The prominent companies in the iGaming sector considered this drawback and come up with a brilliant idea. This lead to the born of the live casinos. In live casinos, a real human dealer delivers the cards, and people gamble through their computer by joining this live stream together. You can think of the live casinos as virtual versions of the actual casinos, in which you can play online blackjack. Therefore, the rise of live casinos still continues rapidly.

Live casinos require a stable and better Internet connection as it hosts many players and a quality live stream. However, leaving this drawback aside, they look flawless and offer the thrilling atmosphere of the casinos very well. If you have a consistent Internet connection and do not have time or money to visit a land-based casino, you can consider playing at live casinos. Nowadays, most people prefer this type of entertainment at their home with increasing social distancing practices.

Live Dealer

The real-life casino dealer is the main attraction of live casinos. You can interact with this virtual dealer, and she can communicate with you too. With advanced live streaming and technological capabilities, you will feel like you are in a Vegas casino. You can see live dealer in many online casino games including blackjack, poker and more. You can even smell the cards while croupier delivers them.

Authentic versus Electronic

Along with playing with a live dealer, with live casinos, you will have the chance to play with millions of people all around the world. Furthermore, you can even interact with the people sitting beside you at the table. For real players, this is a golden opportunity to feel the authentic environment of the actual casino.

On the other hand, online casinos offer an electronic way to generate numbers. However, this is also a highly preferred one because of its reliable and rewarding gaming experience. Furthermore, online casinos offer many bonuses and promotions along with free spins that you can use in particular titles.

On the whole, both online casino and live casino have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, they have different audiences based on the players’ preferences. Do not forget that live casino and online casino are different sides of the same coin.

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