UKash Review

Ukash Casino Deposit Method Review

The online revolution has brought with it many new methods of paying for goods. Voucher schemes, like Ukash and PaySafe, are designed to appeal to those who are nervous about handing out credit card details etc. over the web. Ukash allows you to go to a compatible ATM or payment terminal (there are now over 420,000 worldwide, mostly in shops and petrol stations) and hand over cash in return for a 'voucher'. The latter contains a 19-digit PIN number. Hand this PIN to an online merchant, and you can deposit money right up to the value of the voucher. You don't have to use the entire amount - a new PIN will be issued for the remaining money. You can also have vouchers of different values combined as one.

Perhaps the main reason for using Ukash is its security. The money is assured, and you don't have to give out any details online. For those who fear the shadow of cybercrime, then, vouchers make a lot of sense. It's also a relatively fast and cheap way of depositing money online, with no charges levied for the most part. Ukash is a more prudent way of spending money, as you can only get vouchers in exchange for money that you already have, so no debt is involved.

If you buy from an ATM or payment terminal (these should be marked with 'epay' or 'PayPoint'), the voucher is likely to come as a physical slip. You can order one online, and have it sent directly to your PC. Alternatively, it can be sent to your mobile as an SMS, with the value being deducted from your airtime. Some vouchers come in 'card' form. The crucial thing, in every case, is the PIN number. You'll also need to know the value - standard Ukash demominations cover £10, £20, £50, £100, £200, and £500 - and the expiry date. Ukash vouchers generally expire within twelve months.

While vouchers are a nice alternative to have, they aren't likely to be of interest to most gamers. The one-time nature makes them awkward to use on a regular basis, but the biggest flaw is the absence of a withdrawal feature. Casinos can create a Ukash voucher for you, and send you the PIN so that you can redeem it. Most, though, will refuse to do this, preferring instead to send your money directly to your bank account, or to your address as a cheque. This may be acceptable to you, although many gamers would find it more convenient to have an e-Wallet, so that they can effortlessly move money from one casino to another as they want.

Having said that, the one-time nature of vouchers means it isn't easy to keep refunding your account - you can only use money you've already got, making Ukash a more sensible way to play. For the person who doesn't want to run up a large credit card bill, Ukash could be the answer.

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