Playtech Review

Playtech Casino Gaming Software Review

It isn't necessarily the early bird that gets the worm, and Playtech has surged to the head of the online gaming world, despite giving the likes of Cryptologic a five-year headstart. In part, this has been down to the way in which the company has rolled out its software across Europe. Heavyweight UK players like Bet365, Betfred and Genting have been quick to see the benefits of its flawless software renditions, while tie-ins with big-names like Marvel Comics and MGM have helped Playtech raise its reputation. The company doesn't sleep, and is right now installing its games in kiosks across hotels and shops. Never one to miss a developing trend, Playtech leads the way with its Mobile and Live Dealer offerings.

But all of that innovation would be to no avail if the software was lacklustre. Thankfully, Playtech's code is remarkable, and if its list of titles isn't quite as extensive as Microgaming's, it still sits in a comfortable second place in terms of diversity. Playtech does traditional blackjack very well indeed, supplying the player with fast yet authoritative renditions of the game, complete with multiple configurations. The Pro game is particularly good for those who have basic strategy nailed down. Playtech's library maybe doesn't offer the same sheer diversity of playing styles as Microgaming's, but there are still some very nice twists on the original game.

Rich Jackpots For a Richer Experience

The massive size of its progressive jackpots has made Playtech a favourite amongst slots enthusiasts, and the magnificently addictive Blackjack Progressive does the same for card players. You add to a fund that grows hand by hand, and the jackpot keeps piling up until somebody finally receives four suited aces to grab everything. Smaller prizes are awarded for lesser combinations of aces, meaning that there's something to play for every game. Double Attack raises the stakes literally, giving players the option of increasing their bet size once they've seen the dealer's second card, while Perfect Blackjack hands out bonuses when players turn up different types of pair, or draw ten cards without going bust. Multiplayer versions are available, letting players compare their stats and strategy while chewing the cud with fellow gamers.

Playtech's Live Dealer games are amongst some of the best, with extensive chatting, and wonderful quality HD video. Numerous open tables are another asset, while the attractive dealers add allure to the experience. The firm's mobile software is also of a very high quality, and casinos like Betfred have used it to create some fantastic mobile suites. These may not quite be the equal of their desktop counterparts, but they are perfectly optimised for the best experience.

Playtech Protects Gamers

Playtech also looks after the players of its games, keeping them informed with a host of statistics and figures, while keeping their money safe with unbreakable security measures. The company carefully monitors casinos, trying to maximise payouts, and quickly acts to allay players' fears about casinos using its software. This proactive attitude has been a mixed blessing for American gamblers, who have found themselves frozen out after Playtech pulled out of the US market as a result of the infamous UIGEA legislation.

Playtech offers many superb variations on the basic blackjack game, wrapping them up in attractive graphics, and pushing them out to as many casinos as possible. Somewhere near you, there'll be a casino showing off Playtech games. And it'll be an experience well worth grabbing.

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