Paysafe Review

PaySafe Casino Banking Method Review

The internet has revolutionised the gambling industry and brought the world of live gambling to our homes. Although online casinos have existed for a long time now online, certain individuals are still hesitant about using their credit card details online. Most established online casinos have large security teams in place to prevent this from happening however some users still prefer to use alternative methods to deposit cash. One very popular approach is the use of e-vouchers like paysafe, a huge e-voucher brand with 450,000 outlets worldwide.

When you purchase a paysafe voucher for a certain amount i.e £200 you can use the voucher to then deposit as much money as the voucher is actually worth to specific casinos that accept paysafe (many established online casinos accept this option). With the voucher you get 16 digit PIN code which you use when depositing online.

You can combine up to 10 vouchers/PIN codes together and use them online as one. If you decide not to use the entire amount you can use part of it and the rest will be stored in your paysafe account. Paysafe also comes in the form of a card.

The most popular values cover £10 up to £200.

The most important advantage and selling point of paysafe over any other depositing method is security. Your details are always secure as you don’t have to hand over your bank details to the casinos. You don’t have to hand over any credit card details or information that could potentially put you in a risky situation. When it comes to processing payments the transaction are very fast and most established online casinos accept paysafe.

The disadvantages of paysafe are prominent when you like to gamble on regular basis. Paysafe can be used to try out casinos and is generally a great option for one off transactions.  Like other e-vouchers it can become a bit a chore when you constantly have to buy new vouchers and get new PIN codes in order to play your favourite games, especially if you want to keep playing and you haven’t got enough money in your e-voucher. If you are a regular player at a casino that requires fast withdrawals then this is not the best suitable banking option for you but if you looking for a fast way of depositing money without handing over any of your banks information then paysafe is the one to go for!

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