Fundsend Review

Fundsend Banking Method Review

Online casinos and betting sites have one thing in common with the money transaction sites. Both of them are growing at an enormous rate and both face a lot of competition. Many online betting sites try to include new and credible money management platforms. Fundsend is one of these sites, which is new in the market and it is yet at its beta stage as of 13 June, 2014.

The Fundsend platform offers the service of moving money from any credit or debit card to bank accounts of friends, family and businesses around the world. Send up to €5,000 from MasterCard or Visa payment card without the need for up-front registration .The cost of using this service comes in the form of a small fee. This fee could be as low as 1.99% and as high as 2.99% depending on whether you are a registered or an unregistered user. It also depends on your country of residence and where the money is transferred to. You can find more info on transaction fees on the company’s web site at: .

The whole money transaction process is done in five easy steps:

In step 1 you would be entering the receivers Fundsend Id and transfer the amount in your desired currency.

The step 2 would show you that how much they would charge including the currency exchange fees plus all other fees. So after completing the first step successfully, you get to know in the second step exactly how much they are going to charge you for this particular transaction.

If you agree with the terms of the second step then in step 3 you would be putting in the information of your personal credit or debit card and select the option of sending funds.

At the fourth step, your card would be debited and the receiver will get the confirmation Email of receiving the funds. Your part is complete at the fourth step.

The fifth step is the time period required for the transaction to be completed. It could take a few business days for the money to be transacted in the receiver’s bank account.

Although Fundsend is new in the business it should also be mentioned that is doing well when it comes to transacting money with online casino and betting sites. WebSites like Casinoclub, Karmba and many others have been seen to put their trust on Fundsend. And while the transaction from credit cards to the bank accounts takes a few days to be completed, the online casino transactions are much swifter. It takes about a single business day for the money to be withdrawn on to the Fundsend Id whereas the deposit process to these casino sites and online betting sites is done instantly.

As mentioned earlier processing fees are much lower if you are a registered user.

Registering process is quite uncomplicated and some personal information is required while signing up .Note that as of 14 June, 2014 they are only allowing registration from the following countries: Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. However, they are in the process of expanding the counties list to include other parts of the world and they are claiming that they would be increasing their service soon.

Regarding the customer care option, they are yet to have a live chat feature in their website. Though they have a system of dropping tickets regarding any problem, instant live chat support via Email is not available yet.

As the site is in beta format Fundsend users can only hope for the site to improve quickly regarding the online casino and betting sites services.

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