Entropay Review

EntroPay Review

As more and more online money banking platforms appear in the WEB and although the big players like skrill and paypal are still leading the market , newer brands that offer faster or specialized services are worth considering .

Entropay is one of the latest additions in money transaction media. EntroPay is a member of Ixaris Systems LTD and was developed with a primary goal in mind to offer a method of payment that eliminates the hassle of sending and receiving payments online. They introduced the first virtual prepaid card in Europe and seem to be gaining consumers trust from around the world. Like most other newcomers, Entropay has also targeted the online casinos as expanding their market.

Some of the big casinos have started to accept the Entropay platform for transacting money between the online casino account to the bank account of the customer . Platforms like Pokerstars, Betway and Bet360 have been accepting transactions through Entropay. There are many more online casinos right now, which are accepting the Entropy platform.

Entropay user interface is simple and easy to use. Basic information is required during the sign up process , it would be wise to double check the spelling of your name and the date of birth while signing your account as you are going to need this information later to withdraw the money. Entropay uses the term ‘virtual cards’ to denote their system. It is in these virtual cards, where the money is deposited online.

The account could be “toped up” with a few clicks by transferring funds from your credit/debit card to the online virtual cards of Entropay. The process is instant and the account is all set to be immediately. Just like the one tap service of the skrill formerly known as moneybookers, Entropay also allows instant deposits to the casino sites. There are instant withdrawals available from online casino account to the virtual cards. The virtual cards could also be topped up through the bank accounts but this process takes more time to complete. Withdrawal of money from the virtual cards to your bank account and credit cards are also available but they come at accost of $6 per withdrawal. They also offer An EntroPay Plastic MasterCard which is a physical pre-paid debit card with Chip and PIN technology. The Card & PIN delivery charge is USD9.99/GBP4.99/EUR7.49 The inactivity fee is $5, if it remains without any transactions for more than six months. Transactions from virtual cards to virtual cards are available and the cost is very little. The charge is 0.20% of the transferred balance.

Transfers from virtual cards to third party are also allowed but the fees increase in these case and international currency exchange charges may apply.

Entropay offers three packages:
the Starter package, Basic package and Premier package.

The starter package is activated as soon as the account is opened and the first deposit is made. It allows transaction limits of 250 Euro both in case of credit and debit.

The Basic package offers 10 virtual cards and the transaction limits increase greatly. 1000 Euro can be withdrawn every 365 days. And the payment receiving limits to the virtual cards increases up to 2500 Euro.

The Premier package comes with the best of Entropay’s facilities. It comes with a limit up to 20 virtual cards. As many as 15000 Euro could be received every 30 days and 45000 Euro could be withdrawn every 30days.

Like all other money transacting mediums, Entropay also has their customer care service. If you can’t find any answers in the FAQ section, you could drop your question and the customer service team would get back to you.

Although Entropay is a relatively newcomer they do a fair job when it comes to transacting with online casino.

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