Win up to 5000 :1 with InterCasino’s Blackjack SideBets

Try this new variant of blackjack sidebets from InterCasino and increase your chances of winning with these five exciting wagers.
And of course as always the rules are :

  • Dealer must draw on 16
  • Dealer must stand on 17
  • You can double down on any two cards
  • You can still play up to five hands on every round
  • And if you bust your hand your bonus could still pay you !!!

So don’t waste any more time go and play  NOW and win BIG.


03  On Mega Match:Get paid 2:1 if your first two cards are suited .
If these two cards (first two cards) are a King and a Queen then you’ve  got a Mega Match  and you win at 50:1 odds.
If both you and the dealer have a Mega Match you are paid an amazing 5000:1.

03  Get paid at 18:1 when you bet the Blackjack Attack .You are paid when you hit a blackjack regardless of what the dealers hand is.

03  Cash Queens: You get
2:1 for your 20s.
5:1 for suited 20s.
10:1 for pair of Kings Jacks or Tens.
50:1 for a pair of Queens.

03  Crazy Sevens: you win
5:1 if First card any seven.
Get more sevens and win even higher odds.
If your sevens are suited get even higher pay out.
Even if you split the first two sevens and get a third seven that will count as your third seven and all the rules of this side bet apply.

03  Pair Play: Win at 12:1 if your first two cards are a pair and you can split or you can double down and get paid this side bet bonus.


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