A review of the best free/paid iphone & android blackjack apps on the market

Do you like playing blackjack on the go? Personally Im really getting into downloading apps lately (Im about 10 years late) so I had a look at the top blackjack apps available on the market at the moment. I instantly fell in love with most of the apps I’ve listed and reviewed below, with just a few clicks you are ready to go! I will be reviewing more in the future but for now here’s a list of some very decent blackjack apps you should download, hope you enjoy and if you have any suggestions or any other apps we should know about let us know in the comments!

Blackjack MH (Pepper Stuff) Price: £1.49        

Apple Versionhttps://itunes.apple.com/GB/app/id284445825?mt=8&affId=1758689
blackjack MH app

The undisputed leader in Blackjack apps, MH might well be the most elegant transition of all from casino to smartphone or tablet. Dispensing with fripperies, it revels in its serious gameplay and seriously useful features set. The engine is slick, and MH’s fast emulation allows for up to three hands being bet at a time – with up to three splits in each case.
With its reputation for being a casino game you can actually succeed in beating, it’s perhaps unsurprising to see a few nods to those trying to learn optimum strategy. But it is a shock to see quite so many genuinely effective learning features. From the wealth of card-counting tutorials, to the numerous stats and game logs that you can use to nail down your technique, MH is very much an app that can turn you into a casino monster.

MH has even joined the online revolution, offering seamless online play. And you can also choose to play against bots, should you wish to do without online play, but still hanker after some electronic rivalry.

Astonishingly good in pretty much every area, MH is the very epitome of casino apps.


Great engine
Strong learning and card-counting features.
Choice of online play or bots


None really, but it is a serious game for serious players

Blackjack 21 Live (AbZorba Games)  Price: Free

Android Version – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.mvns.games&hl=en

AbZorba’s Live Multiplayer Roulette is one of the best and certainly the most fun you can have at the roulette table. Blackjack 21 Live does exactly the same thing for blackjack and in our opinion, its one of the best blackjack apps for android. This particular casino game may attract the more serious players, but AbZorba brings exactly the same sense of fun that it does to Roulette, letting you buy gifts and cocktails, and playing up the community aspect. However, there is a strong engine underlying everything, and the game plays extremely well.

As the name suggests, this is very much about the online facilities. Indeed, the ability to sit down at one of over 100 tables and start playing (and chatting) alongside other gamers worldwide makes this a truly enjoyable experience. You can even see how you’re doing by finding yourself on the international scoreboard – thus adding to the competitive edge. Designed from the ground up to be an online version, this is the best that we’ve seen if you want true multiplay.
Where 21 Live doesn’t fare so well, is on its learning facilities, and it lacks the comprehensive options for learning about card counting etc. that you get on Blackjack MH. Blackjack 21 Live is very much a game rather than a serious tool for improving play. Nonetheless, if it’s a bit fun that you desire, we can think of no more enjoyable experience.


Online element is fantastic
Most fun to play of any blackjack game
Stable engine


Not as geared towards teaching you how to play optimum strategy, count cards etc.

Blackjack (MobiityWare) Price: 69p

Apple Version – https://itunes.apple.com/GB/app/id284752907?mt=8&affId=1758689

casinoThis perennial app favourite (from the developers of the class-leading Solitaire) has a stellar reputation for challenging gameplay (by which we mean that the dealer cleans up on a regular basis), but it is starting to face strong competition from the polished MH and the online-heavy Blackjack 21 Live. The engine isn’t quite as swift nor the interface as intuitive as MH’s, but this still a very solid version.

Like MH, Blackjack offers learning features, including coaches on counting cards. However, you don’t get the sheer number or quality of the aids found on MH. It can’t match the above app’s in-depth stats, nor the amazing choice.

It also lacks the choice of online features and competitive bots offered on MH. In short, Blackjack may have more years under its belt, but it’s starting to look rather behind the times.


Well-established and reasonably playable


Not as slick or sophisticated as MH
Learning aids not as deep
Needs to offer more facilities for playing against other players

Blackjack 88 (Code Redman) Price: Free

Apple Version – https://itunes.apple.com/GB/app/id426424525?mt=8&affId=1758689

casinoA very eye-catching version that combines strong visuals with a strong range of features, Blackjack 88 is very much a viable option for those who don’t take to MH. The 3D table immediately grabs the attention, and while the effect will wear off after a while, the graphics are certainly larger and more alluring on this version. This doesn’t affect gameplay, either, and the engine remains fast and playable.

88 doesn’t offer the sheer wealth of learning aids packaged with MH, but it does still have some useful tips on optimum play, recommending what you should do at key stages. You won’t become an expert card counter with this app, but you may finetune your game.

Blackjack 88 can become quite expensive if you want to start buying piles of extra chips. However, you aren’t forced to do this, and if you run out, you get an automatic top-up after 15 minutes.

The app is perhaps a little more geared towards in-game purchases than we’d like, but the app itself is free.

88 is a nice adaptation of blackjack. However, 3D visuals apart, it does lack a significant distinguishing feature. The learning aids are good, but not as in-depth as on some apps, while a lack of online play also limits its appeal.


Eye-catching 3D graphics
Simple strategy coach
Don’t necessarily have to spend money on extra chips


Learning features not as deep as on some
No online play

Blackjack + (Chronological Ltd) Price: Free

Apple Version – https://itunes.apple.com/GB/app/id424782747?mt=8&affId=1758689

casinoHere’s one for lovers of busy interfaces. You don’t get a shortage of onscreen options with Blackjack+, and the sheer number of icons can be bewildering for those who just want to play a simple game. That’s a shame, because the engine itself plays well and fairly.

Plus goes some way towards the professional approach of MH, showing you a little about card counting and strategy, and letting you track your longterm progress. It doesn’t go anywhere near far enough to be a serious contender for MH’s crown, though. The visuals are quite fun, but it really needs something like online play to become a truly entrancing experience. It’s a decent choice for those who don’t want the depth of MH, but want a few more professional features than some of the more entertaining apps can offer.



Fair play
Solid options for improving play


Doesn’t go as far with its learning aids as MH
No online feature

BlackJack 21 (Super Lucky Casino) Price: Free

Android Version – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.genina.android.blackjack.view&hl=en

blackjack 21 super lucky casino app review

21 has a confusingly similar name to the other major Android app here. That, as it turns out, makes a great deal of sense, as the missing word ‘Live’ points to perhaps the one thing that holds 21 back – the lack of online multiplay. Strangely, the developer tries to make this one of 21’s strengths. While there’s some truth to the idea that it’s sometimes great to be able to just get on and play, rather than waiting for other players to turn up, we do miss the fact that it’s not built around live multiplay. You can compare your rank to that of other players, though, which does add an element of competition.

The app itself works quite nicely, with a good clean interface that also does a good job of taking you through the correct strategy. You can learn a good deal about best blackjack practice from this app, even if it lacks the sheer depth of MH, for instance. However, ads can be a problem, and it’s not always the most stable.


Clean interface
Decent learning aids


Limited multiplay support
Ads and stability not the best we’ve seen

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