Neteller Review

Neteller Casino Deposit Method

One of the two big-name Electronic Wallet (or e-Wallet) companies, alongside Skrill/Moneybookers - PayPal is sometimes also classed as an e-Wallet - Neteller is perhaps the superior way for gamblers and gamers to make financial transactions. The idea is that you deposit money into your e-Wallet account (typically using a credit/debit card or bank transfer), and this account then acts as a central hub, from which you can effortlessly move money to and from gambling and other sites.

Cash can be deposited instantly. Withdrawals aren't as fast, but the money is often back in your Neteller account within 6-10 hours - with a credit card, in contrast, a similar transaction is likely to take 3-5 days. In practice, it's free to move money to and from a merchant, although you may be charged fees for moving money to your bank.

Some users will feel their money is safer in a bank than with a company like Neteller, but there are good reasons for disputing this. Neteller isn't a particularly new company, having been in business since 1999. Further to this, money belonging to customers is kept in separate trust accounts. With banks, on the other hand, customers' cash is frequently plunged straight back into the bank's operating fund. If a bank makes a spectacular miscalculation, that could be the end of your money. This is far less likely to happen with Neteller money, though, as the money is kept separate.

You use a combination of security codes to put through transactions, making it difficult for criminals to capture your password. The IP address will always be logged, and if the account is accessed using an IP address based outside the home country, the account will be frozen until the user can be verified. This seemingly annoying feature is actually a very good way of protecting the user against scammers.

Compatibility with casinos is high, with very few rejected transactions. However, the company is quite particular about money being taken from credit cards, and it's not always easy to fund the account by card - bank transfer is much easier. Skrill is more accommodating here, and also seems to have slightly lower fees when it comes to moving money from bank accounts. Overall, though, there's little real difference between Neteller and Skrill.

It's certainly true that e-Wallets are becoming more and more widely accepted. You will still find the occasional casino that doesn't offer Neteller as an option, but the availability is improving all the time. Transactions are zippy and smooth, and costs are minimal. Assuming the casino offers Neteller as an option, you're almost certain to have your payment accepted. All of these pluses make Neteller a superb choice.

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