Cryptologic Review

Cryptologic Casino Gaming Software Review

Cryptologic is one of the veterans of online gambling. Microgaming may have been first to market with an online casino in 1994, but it was Cryptologic that powered the first proper version in 1995. The distinction is down to the radical secure online financial system developed by Cryptologic's founders, the Rivkin brothers. Whereas Microgaming's casino was unable to handle online money transactions, the Rivkins' software allowed Intercasino
to create a full casino that could take money easily and instantly from players across the globe.

Cryptologic has hardly sat on its laurels, though, and has since gone on to lead the way in a string of other fields, combining extensive on-the-ground research with some of the most talented programmers available to carve out new niches. The multi-level progressive slots, blitz-speed poker, and elaborate branding exercises - including the still-impressive marketing deal struck with Marvel Comics - have seen the company remain current well into the 21st century.

Strong Blackjack

Recent years, however, haven't seen Cryptologic scoring highly across the board. Its ground-breaking poker platform has received lots of attention, as have the fast and furious slots. The table games, though, haven't been lavished with quite as much care. That's not to say that Cryptologic's suite has nothing to offer the hardened blackjack addict. The graphics are crisp and clear, if not the most exciting available. More traditional players are likely to enjoy choosing between the American-style Atlantic City and Vegas variations, or the European twists. The level of control is immense, letting you tweak the play speed, warnings and auto features. You can even choose to let the computer take over the strategising for a bit. Table limits are versatile, and the micro-limit version caters for smaller punters - allowing stakes to be as low as 10p. The Cryptologic suite even contains a Single Deck version, although the cutting down of blackjack payouts to just 6:5 does take some of the shine from this otherwise appealing entry.

A Name You Can Trust

Cryptologic still likes to play on its obvious advantages. Its financial system is still highly respected throughout the online community, and the unparalleled security makes this one of the most trusted of companies. Cryptologic has also nimbly traversed the legal quicksands of the ever-changing worldwide gambling regulations. Much of this has been achieved through the expertise of the company's subsidiary, Wagerlogic.

2014 could be a time of considerable change for Cryptologic. The company was bought by Amaya in 2012, and the gaming world is still waiting to see where it'll go in the future. Will it continue to focus on its stunning poker platform and renowned slots, or will it take the chance to revamp its table games and provide real competition once again for old-time rival Microgaming and Playtech? In the meantime, blackjack players will enjoy but not be bowled over by its gaming suite.

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